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Born on November 15th, 2019

  1. Executive Director
    Female - $1550
  2. Executive Director
    Female - $1550
  • ​​We are known for having the Most Affordable Puppies in Long Island, New York & the Tri - State Area!!! ​​​​
  • Two Doggies in a home always makes for a better adjusted pet/s. They keep each other company & will never be lonely. 
    If you are interested in adopting TWO fur babies we will extend a Discount!

    Our Standards

Here @ Long Island Boston Terriers our puppies are raised in a loving environment from the moment they are born we shower them with love & kisses. We believe in socializing our puppies from a young age to ensure excellent social skills. Plently of exercise is key to having a Happy & Healthy Boston Terrier AKA American Gentlemen! 

  • Our Puppies have all be evaluated by a Veterinarian & have been given a clean bill of health. 
  • They are all up to date on their shots & wormer. 
Upon Purchasing a Puppy you will Recieve: 
  • A Pedigree Registration Application/s

  • Micro Chip ( upon request ) 

  • Medical Record showing all the shots and medications that were administered to the puppy

  • Family Tree supporting that your puppy is a Purebred Boston Terrier

  • A 1 Year Health Guarantee ( Federal Law Mandates a 6 Month Health  Guarantee however we extend ours to 1 Year ) 

To qualify for our One Year Health Guarantee we ask that you have your new puppy seen by a Veterinarian for a second evaluation within 14 days of taking him/her to their new home. If for some reason your puppy is found to be unfit for sale we will stand behind the purchase.